Kenya is the most accessible country in East and Central Africa. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is the biggest in east and central Africa and it is served by 49 scheduled airlines with direct flights to Europe, Middle East, the far East and the African continent.  Kenya is the home of the safari and one of the world’s top holiday destinations. The country is blessed with excellent all year climate and well established tourist facilities.

 Kenya offers a world of attractions, much more than any other destination. It has stunning landscapes, cultural diversity, beautiful beaches and its unique wildlife. Kenya boasts as the only country in the world with a national park in the capital. It is also the only country that has an island on a lake, where you can walk on foot among wild animals.

 The fascinating thing about Kenya as a wildlife destination is the sheer diversity of its many gameparks. One of the greatest sights is the annual migration of two million wildebeests together with half a million zebras and thousands of gazelles across the endless savannah. With the famous Masai Mara Game reserve- home of the migration, enormous Tsavo and the Amboseli, Kenya has an entire world of amazing parks to see and experience. Animal numbers have increased and this in turn has enhanced the game viewing experience for visitors who want to see the “Big Five”.

 After the wonders of the safari experience, Kenya’s beaches offer the ultimate relaxation. For those in search of adventure and sports, Kenya is the perfect destination with over 480 km of unpolluted beach. Those who visit Kenya get exposed to various cultures of Kenya.  The country is known for hospitality and unique musical performances of her people.

No single park will allow you to view every animal indigenous to Kenya, so it’s important to draw up an itinerary that will include various locations.  First Choice Tours and Travel will help you with an itinerary to suit your requirements and meet your budget.